Saturday, July 20, 2019

Year 2019

Year 2019, Andrew Shihan 12th Annual Visit to Club Aikido, since Year 2008.
Good technical guidance, practice, updates for Club Aikido with relates to Aikido, and Aikikai Hombu Japan.
We have benefited much these 12 good years, and hope for many more such happy future visits.
Also with honor and much appreciation that Andrew Shihan conducting the Yudansha Grading on the trainees.
2019 - congratulations to Tam Chi Keung having successfully going through the Yudansha Grading for Yondan.
Club Aikido wishes to express gratitude to Andrew Williamson Shihan, Aikido Shinryukan, Canterbury, NZ, for these years of visits and good guidance.
Club Aikido also would like to thank  members for the support, assistance, attendance during Andrew Shihan Visit.
Special mention of thanks and appreciation to these members for their time, contributions, to help oversee to the success of the event:
Tam Chi Keung 
Ruby Wang
Muhammed Ismail
Edmond Ow
Thanks, every efforts, time, contribution counts.
Best Regards,
Club Aikido 
Sensei Koh 

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