Saturday, June 03, 2017

Training Seminar Dinner Gathering

There will be a dinner gathering with Andrew Shihan on 6th July (Thu) 7.30pm. Fee is $50 per person. Those interested please register with Koh Sensei or Tam by 10th June.

Limited seats are available and reservation on first come first serve basis.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Congratulations to Andrew Sensei

Congratulations to Andrew Sensei, Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury, NZ, on your recent promotion to Shihan.
You very well deserved this success.
Your passion, sincerity, sacrifice, hard work, and contribution in sharing and promoting Aikido have been recognized and appreciated.
Also congratulations to Sensei Irene on her recent promotion to Rokudan.
We shared both your achievements and happiness.

Best regards from us all - Club Aikido (Singapore)

Monday, January 02, 2017

Training Locations

Aikido classes are conducted at:

Zhenghua CC - Mon @ 1st level dance studio
Address: 1 SEGAR RD, Singapore 677738

Tampines Changkat CC - Wed @ 4th level auditorium
Address: 13 TAMPINES STREET 11, Singapore 529453

Dover CC - Thu @ ground floor dance studio
Address: 1 DOVER ROAD, #01-300 Singapore 130001

Tampines Central CC - Fri @ 3rd level multi-purpose room
Address: 866A TAMPINES STREET 83, Singapore 521866

Bukit Panjang CC - Sat 9am - 10:30pm @ 2nd level dance studio
Address: 08 PENDING ROAD, Singapore 678295

Leng Kee CC - Sat 1:30pm - 3:30pm @ #02-12 dance studio
Sun 9:00am - 11:00am @ #02-12 dance studio
Address: 400 LENGKOK BAHRU, Singapore 159049

Singapore Swimming Club - Sun 12pm-1:30pm @ ground floor dance studio (for SSC members only).

(see Location Maps at Google Maps)

Hours: Mon-Fri 8pm-9:30pm


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Updates on training schedule

Weapons training will be conducted on week 1 and 2 every month. Please bring along your jo and broken on these days.

Koh Sensei will be at Dover CC and Singapore Swimming Club on first Sunday of every month.

On behalf of Club Aikido

Friday, June 17, 2016

2016 Andrew Sensei Visit

Congratulations to them having successfully completed their yudansha grading 

Daniel Chan - 2 Dan
Zechariah Tay - 1 Dan

My appreciation and sincere thanks also especially to those who made time to participate, support and attend training sessions conducted by Andrew Sensei, Aikido Shinryukan, Canterbury.
It is always my wish and joy to see that all members and trainees could and make themselves available to these specially arranged training, making it a success, and a worthy effort.

Most of all, my grateful and heartfelt appreciation to Andrew Sensei, Aikido Shinryukan, Canterbury, for always making time to visit us, sharing his thoughts and knowledge with Club Aikido all these years and hopefully many many more to come. We could clearly see and sense his love and passion on Aikido, ever willingness to share and promote Aikido.
We sincerely wishes him every success in this never ending effort and journey.

Andrew Williamson Sensei - Technical Director

Instructors & Assistant Instructors:
Koh Nai Sing
Mohamed Goush 
Tam Chi Keung 
Andy Tan

Mohamed Goush 
Ho Sue Leong 
Tam Chi Keung 

Andy Tan
Ahmad Firdaus 
Ong Boon Seng Vincent
Muhammad Ismail
Edmond Ow
Daniel Chan
Fua Kee Suan

Xu JingXia Kate
Azfar Hamidudin
Francis Joaquim D'Souza
Luah Hui Yi Beverley
Samuel Wong
Gabriel Wong
Tang Chee Leong
Fakhur Razi
Ruby Wang
Zechariah Tay

1st Kyu Black
Zulkifli Osman
Ahmad Syalabi
Fong Pei Shi, Angelina
Norita Bte Sukri
Tang Jing Guang

2 Kyu Black
Chua Yao Wei, Alfred
Valerie Pooh 
Yeo, Daniel 

Grading dates (1st or 2nd week)
April / August / December (June)