Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

16 May 09 Bukit Panjang CC Open house Training

Here's a little photo journal from yours truly aka self proclaim club photographer. It was a Saturday morning when we all met for the training. My first impressions of the mats were : omg, were they just flown in from Iraq or something?!?!! After getting over my shock, the next thing that hit me was the humidity and heat. I think i lost half my bodily fluids, everyone i guess had more or less the same sentiments. But all in all, we had a fun training, cuz got to meet other people from other dojos.

Start of class. =)

Three pairs of dirty little feet =P

More photos at slide show below:

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sharing of Thoughts

Members are welcome to share your thoughts about Aikido here. Simply add comments in this area to start sharing.

To start with, below is something to share:

1. A dojo is a miniature cosmos where we make contact with ourselves - our fears, anxieties, reactions and habits.

It is an arena of confined conflict where we confront an opponent who is not an opponent but rather a partner engaged in helping us understand ourselves more fully.

Rules During Practice

1. One blow in Aikido can kill. When practicing always obey your instructor and do not use training a time for needless testing of strength.

2. Aikido is an art where one person learns to face many opponents simultaneously. It therefore requires that you polish and perfect each movement to become invulnerable from any direction.

3. Practice with a feeling of joy and exhilaration.

4. The teachings of your instructor constitute only a small fraction of what you will learn. Your mastery of each movement will depend almost entirely on individual earnest practice.

5. Daily practice begins with light movements gradually increasing in intensity; but there must be no overexertion. Even elderly people can practice with pleasure.

6. The purpose of Aikido is to train both body and mind sincerely. Aikido must not be taught to immoral people or used for evil purposes.

By O'Sensei

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Aikido Etiquette

Arrival at the dojo
Please be punctual. Enter the dojo (the building where we practise) and be on the tatami (mat surface) at least five minutes before the class starts and meditate until the sensei (instructor) arrives. When you come earlier, do warm-up exercises and practise by yourself or with other students.

If you happen to be late, wait just off the mat until acknowledged by the instructor. Step onto the mat and perform a kneeling bow to O-Sensei (the Founder of Aikido). Join in the warming-up exercises or if these are over, do your own warm-up at the edge of the mat. As always, be aware of anyone moving or being thrown near you, and move if necessary.

Occasional lateness or lateness caused by special commitments such as one's work schedule is acceptable, but lateness caused by poor planning or lack of conscientiousness is an indication of a lack of order in one's mind, and unless corrected will hinder one's learning and progress in aikido.

About "Rei"
Aikido is more than a sport; it teaches a way of life. Because of this, aikido deserves our respect. That respect is expressed through the concept of rei, which means "appreciation and respect", and through the manner in which rei is performed. Rei literally translates to a bow given during the course of practice. Rei is done to O-Sensei, the dojo (the place of the Way), the sensei, and other practitioners. Through rei we express our appreciation and respect for life itself.

Rei to the dojo
Upon entering the dojo building, do a standing bow towards the Kamiza (shrine) by bending the body 30 to 45 degrees with the arms held by the side of the body. At all times, while in the dojo when not on the tatami, footwear of some kind must be worn. Put on your zori (sandals) or equivalent when getting changed, and leave them neatly at the side of the tatami during the practice. Leaving sandals in disorder indicates disorder in one's mind.

Rei to the tatami
The tatami surface is the training surface in the dojo and as such it is important to bow there as well. Upon stepping onto the tatami, kneel down in the position known as seiza (sitting on the heels with the back straight) and bow putting both hands in front of the knees keeping the back straight. That bow is also required upon leaving the tatami. Furthermore, if for any important reason it is necessary to leave the tatami during the class, first ask permission from the sensei, then leave the tatami after completing a standing bow, if it is a temporary absence, or a kneeling bow if it is the end of your practice.

Rei to O-Sensei
The spirit of the Founder is always present in the dojo. In our aikido training, we cannot practise without thanking him for the gift of his art. We do a kneeling bow to the Kamiza at the beginning and the end of the class. If one arrives late for the class, one kneels and bows to the Kamiza upon stepping onto the mat.

Rei to the Sensei
After the rei to O-Sensei, the practitioners do a kneeling bow to the sensei. This should be repeated at the end of the class as well. At the beginning of the class it is customary to say Onegai-shimasu (Please help me in my practice) as one bows to the sensei; while at the end of the class, one says Domo arigato gozaimashita (Thank you very much).

Rei to your partner
Your partner is the mirror of yourself. Ignoring your partner's individuality and self-esteem is against the spirit of aikido. Your partner is not someone you compete against, but a person to train with and improve with. Show respect to and consideration of your fellow practitioners in every aspect of the practice.

Again, do not forget that your partner is the mirror of yourself and helping your partner is helping yourself. Partners should bow to each other when starting or finishing practising together. Senior practitioners are precious helpers for you. Regardless of age, sex and social status, they deserve your consideration. Listen to them sincerely and follow their directions in practice. On the other hand, senior students should not take advantage of their position. They should remain humble and sincere, both in attitude and behaviour, and try to be good role models for beginners.

Rei to the weapons that are used
Before and after the use of the bokken (the wooden sword), the jo (the 4-foot stick), or tanto (the wooden knife) hold the weapon at eye level with both hands toward O-Sensei and do a standing bow. Even a piece of wood can be a great help in one's aikido training. When one practises with it, it becomes a part of one's body. Thus, throwing around, stepping on or jumping over the weapon is disrespectful.

General manners
While you practise, always be alert. Careless practice causes accidents and makes no improvement in one's aikido. Do not waste both your and your partner's time in unnecessary talk during the practice. Do not hesitate to let your partner and the sensei know when you cannot continue the practice because of sickness, injuries, or genuine tiredness. When a short rest is necessary go quietly to the corner after bowing to your partner and the sensei, and watch the class. If you feel sick, and still want to practise, see the sensei and ask permission. Since your body belongs to nobody else, take good care of your health and prevent accidents. As to hygiene, wash your keiko-gi (the uniform worn during practice) regularly. Pay close attention to personal hygiene and be sure to keep your toe and finger nails short and filed at all times. Never wear jewellery, watch, hair-slide etc at any time on the tatami. This will help prevent accidents to both yourself and your partner. The dojo, where we practise, is in the care of the membership. It is the responsibility and the pleasure of the members to see that the dojo is clean at all times. This is accomplished after each practice. Do not wait to be directed, but show initiative and do whatever is necessary to ensure that the building is clean.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Malacca Aikido Exchange

Here's a little photo journey of the time we spent goofing around in Malacca, it was an enjoyable but sadly short trip. Looking forward to more of such trips. =P

1) The group & destination

There's Ruslan(hope i spelt your name right pal),
And Sensei's riding up front.
Here's CC (lady's first), and Edmond.

Final Destination

You must be wondering where i am, relax la I'll appear soon. Wahaha. Anywayz more about the group. CC's from Jiangsu, Ruslan's from Russia and our driver's from Malaysia. Wah impressive right, like some UN delegation. Kekeke +P
2) Pit stop at fort and maritime ship museum thingy. Such a pity i couldn't get any shots in the ship thingy. And the ship thingy was really small for a museum and there were like so many grammatical and spelling errors on the information boards. Hee hee.

Watch tower of some sort.

Argh where's my hand!!!!
My beautiful, fair and smooth hand!!!

Everyone staring at something.

Yours truly. To Arms!!!
To Arms!!!

The boat museum were selling ships. So kawaii ne. Hiaz i wish i had brought my slr along. Damm.

3) Dinner and shopping in ChinaTown. Jonker lane rocks. So many things to buy and so many things to see. I bought two t-shirts with wacky designs. I even acquired two new "weapons for my arsenal". Muahahaha.

There's everybody, but where's me?
I'm the last man cum photographer la, duh.
Joking joking, love taking photos man.
Nice furniture shop.
Too bad it wont fit in the trunk. =D

Yay booking table for dinner.

Mmmm, those fish look delicious.

Wah so many people arhz, sianz man.
Heng ar got book table.
After dinner it was more shopping. My feet hurt like crazy by the time i reached the hotel. Even Edmond was complaining. lol

4) The Dojo
My my what an appropriate
facade to match the training.
Serious, simple, deadly.
The Gate

Up up and away!

Soon to be a sea of sweat.

Never say die! YEA!

It was easily the shaggiest day of my life and the most strenuous activity i had done in the past six months. By the time i was done, i had sweated i could say like 100% of my body fluids!! And my tongue almost touched my toes.

By the time we reached home, it was about 9pm, luckily i was on leave the whole week, couldn't have imagined dragging myself to work the next day. =)

Random shots

Singapore flyer lookalike?

Wah long kang so big!

Water wheel

Stone shoes?