Sunday, July 29, 2018

2018 Main Event

2018 Yudansha Grading
1/Ho Sue Leong Samuel 
1/Francis D’Souza
2/Wong Li Yan Samuel
1/Chua Yao Wei Alfred
2/Ahmad Syalabi Bin Adi Sunaryo

My Thoughts
My Appreciation & Heartfelt thanks to supporters & participants of this year 2018 Andrew Shihan Annual Visit & Seminar Training.
Hopefully we have enjoyed and pick up Important Pointers that will helps each of us improve on our Knowledge & Skill in Aikido. Black-Belters who are present in this Seminar Training, do get yourself ready for your Yudansha Grading in 2019 if u have or can fulfilled your Training Attendance Requirements by then & on getting through your Mock Grading that will be held sometime early 2019, a few months before Andrew Shihan next visit.
Those who have successfully attained your Yudansha Grades this year, Congratulations. Hope your higher Understanding & Achievements can serve u well in your Life & Career to bring the Best out of u.
Many Thanks for your Presence, Support & Participation. 
Lastly not to forget, my Appreciation to those who help/sponsor/contribution in terms of time/help/monetary-contribution/gifts to Club Aikido :-
Tam Chi Keung
Ruby Wang RuiChun
Muhammad Ismail
Azfar Hamiduddin
Francis Joaquim D’Souza
Yeo Chow Khoong
Again my Appreciation & Many Thanks for your Presence & Support to see to the event success.
Club Aikido

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