Saturday, May 03, 2014

April 2014 Grading


Club Aikido congratulates all those who have attained the respective grade in the recent grading :-

1st Kyu

1/ Nur Shiren Rishyani

2nd Kyu

1/ Valerie Lim

Those who stopped training and ceased payment of their Annual Subscription Fees will not be in the active members list. 
Those with reasonable circumstances officially make known to the Club will not be affected. 
Reinstatement of whose names removed will be 1 year after they resume training and their Annual Subscription Fees for the year paid.

Club Aikido



Unknown said...

Are there classes at south west area ?i am interested to learn.

Tam CK said...

There are classes at Dover CC (Thu) and Leng Kee CC (Sat & Sun).