Friday, August 06, 2010

Code of Conduct

Club Aikido

Code of Conduct for Members

1.0 Members should always try to uphold the spirit of Aikido when dealing with others. Treat each other with respect & decorum at all times regardless of age/rank/gender/race. Avoid getting involved in politically motivated issues which could bring disharmony to the Club & its members.

1.1 We should understand that there will always be differences of opinion in any discussion on Club issues. We should always respect the right of others to disagree with our views & give those alternative views its due consideration in finding common ground to the benefit of the Club. In cases where there is a conflict of interest due to knowledge or contacts & the member is not comfortable with participating in the discussion, then the member/s should make this known or request to be excused from the discussion.

2.0 New members/trainees are always welcome as long as they observe guideline(1.0) above & do not harbor unhealthy motives or contribute to unnecessary misunderstanding between members.

2.1 Club Aikido only accepts single membership & will not accept members if they are registered with another group.

2.2 All non-members are treated as guests & their presence will only be on approval/invitational basis.

2.3 Senior members(2 kyu above) will have their names in the blog register but new senior members/re-joiners will have their names put up in the blog only after minimum 1 year active membership. Names put up in the Club’s blog as Assistants Instructors or in any other capacity are purely for Club’s administrative reference. It is not to be treated as a permanent appointment or a public announcement of an appointment. The Club will from time to time add or remove certain postings in line with its administrative requirements.

2.4 Senior members who stop paying the annual membership fees will still have their names maintained in the blog register but only for another 1 year unless membership is renewed.

3.0 Club issues if discussed should only be amongst members. Members should not discuss Club issues with non-members or others not connected with the Club.

3.1 Discussions on personal matters(if any) between members should be strictly kept & treated as private & confidential.

4.0 The normal seniority guide is :- as in dojo - rank, out of dojo - age/seniority.

5.0 Training sessions :- appointed assistants will take the training sessions regardless of presence of other senior ranks. Other seniors can help the junior trainees if necessary but at no time should they held-up, interrupt, or disrupt the training session.

5.1 Seniors & assistant instructors should stop/discourage trainees who confuse others with other forms of aikido or unnecessary display of other martial arts during training.

5.2 The most seniors should start the warm-up session whenever the appointed assistant or instructor is still not available at the stipulated training time, and will handover to the assistant/instructor at an appropriated interval when he/she arrived.

6.0 It is good to keep in mind that the training sessions are meant to achieve/promote a universal understanding of Aikido & its practices. It is to give an opportunity to the trainees to appreciate aikido as an art, to develop/improve one’s skill in aikido & to promote/maintain both physical & mental well being.

7.0 The Club always welcomes & appreciates any help rendered by members to its activities/administration. All such help will be coordinated via the Club’s administration.

7.1 All contributions to the Club’s fund will be very much appreciated & the fund will be managed & accounted with transparency by some selected volunteers.

7.2 Sponsorship of & contributions to their Club’s various activities will be considered on a case by case basis. Much as the Club truly appreciates members’ sponsorship & contributions, the Club is also trying its best to attain financial independence for the benefit of all members. In that regard, members should not take it negatively if a sponsorship or contribution is deferred. It should be taken as an indication that the Club is well on its way to financial stability.

7.3 The Club’s fund can be used to subsidise financially strapped sincere senior trainees for participation in paid aikido activities & courses fees base on case by case basis.

8.0 The normal guide to entrusting any responsibility on Club matters/training sessions will be considered first to own club members afterwhich then consideration to new seniors from other clubs on case by case basis.

9.0 The Club will do its best to treat all its members fairly & respectfully regardless of race/gender/rank.

10.0 The Club reserve the right not to entertain any complaints/grievances deem unrelated, hidden agenda, personal motives, political motives.

11.0 No person, unless expressly authorized, shall assume the role of a spokesperson for the Club. Announcements pertaining to the direction, future plans & overall policies of the Club will be made only by the Club’s authorized representative. The Club will, from time to time, appoint certain members / trainees to make certain announcements, to convey messages or to help in certain matters pertaining to the Club’s activities/administration.

12.0 Members/trainees are to verify with Club whenever in doubt. The Club will always try to clarify these issues as soon as possible to the benefit of all.

13.0 The Club will always try to work towards to the direction of friendship & cooperation with others without borders.

The above guidelines are subjected to change for the benefit & health of both Club Aikido & all the members. It will provide us with an identity & show others our sincerity without doubt.

The seniors who have been with the Club since its beginning will be entrusted to oversee and guide the members on the Club's Code of Conducts.

Good as from 20/07/2010

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