Saturday, July 24, 2010

July Seminar and Grading


Club Aikido congratulates the participants who went through their recent dan grading successfully :-

1. Mohamed Goush
2. Lim, Lee Famularcano
3. Ho Sue Leong

1. Ong Boon Seng, Vincent
2. Ahmad Firdaus
3. Muhammed Ismail
4. Tam Chi Keung
5. Sim Hui Chin

Club Aikido would also like to thank all participants to the Seminar by Andrew Williamson Sensei - Aikido Shinryukan, Canterbury, NZ. Again thank you for all your presence and support to make the event successful and memorable.

Special thanks for their time, support and sponsorship :-

Ringo Wong
Andy Tan
Francis Joaquim D'Souza

And with appreciations for the above and overseeing to the finer details.
Tam Chi Keung
Mohamed Goush


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