Monday, October 01, 2007

Club Aikido (Singapore)

A place to Learn, Train and Enjoy Aikido.

September 2003, a small group of aikido enthusiasts headed by Sensei Koh Nai Sing gathered to train at a courtyard leased from Salvation Army (a charity association) and thus a small neighbourhood aikido club (Club Aikido) was formed in Singapore.

From these humble beginnings, Club Aikido has slowly grown to now 9 dojos all over Singapore.

Sensei Koh started training in the early 1980’s with Aikikai Singapore and was a committee member in the mid 1990’s. He also started conducting classes in the late 1990’s.

He also assisted in the formation of another aikido group and was there for over an year until it found its footing to run independently.

From the outset, the philosophy of Club Aikido has always been the promotion and learning of Aikido in a fun, healthy and positive environment. The philosophical aspects of the art are as much emphasized as the physical during the training. Trainees are encouraged to practice the principles of sharing, giving and harmonizing with one’s environment at each training session.

We approached Aikido as self-defense art, a fitness training activity, a self-discovery and self-appreciation training for everyone.

Recently Club Aikido has the honour and opportunity to be associated with Sensei Andrew, Chief Instructor of Aikido Shinyrukan Canterbury, New Zealand, who has during his recent visit shared with us his excellent knowledge and understanding of Aikido. And with his future regular visits and kind guidance, Club Aikido will surely benefit much with this friendship and generosity extended to us from the distant shores of New Zealand.

Club Aikido

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