Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Malacca Aikido Exchange

Here's a little photo journey of the time we spent goofing around in Malacca, it was an enjoyable but sadly short trip. Looking forward to more of such trips. =P

1) The group & destination

There's Ruslan(hope i spelt your name right pal),
And Sensei's riding up front.
Here's CC (lady's first), and Edmond.

Final Destination

You must be wondering where i am, relax la I'll appear soon. Wahaha. Anywayz more about the group. CC's from Jiangsu, Ruslan's from Russia and our driver's from Malaysia. Wah impressive right, like some UN delegation. Kekeke +P
2) Pit stop at fort and maritime ship museum thingy. Such a pity i couldn't get any shots in the ship thingy. And the ship thingy was really small for a museum and there were like so many grammatical and spelling errors on the information boards. Hee hee.

Watch tower of some sort.

Argh where's my hand!!!!
My beautiful, fair and smooth hand!!!

Everyone staring at something.

Yours truly. To Arms!!!
To Arms!!!

The boat museum were selling ships. So kawaii ne. Hiaz i wish i had brought my slr along. Damm.

3) Dinner and shopping in ChinaTown. Jonker lane rocks. So many things to buy and so many things to see. I bought two t-shirts with wacky designs. I even acquired two new "weapons for my arsenal". Muahahaha.

There's everybody, but where's me?
I'm the last man cum photographer la, duh.
Joking joking, love taking photos man.
Nice furniture shop.
Too bad it wont fit in the trunk. =D

Yay booking table for dinner.

Mmmm, those fish look delicious.

Wah so many people arhz, sianz man.
Heng ar got book table.
After dinner it was more shopping. My feet hurt like crazy by the time i reached the hotel. Even Edmond was complaining. lol

4) The Dojo
My my what an appropriate
facade to match the training.
Serious, simple, deadly.
The Gate

Up up and away!

Soon to be a sea of sweat.

Never say die! YEA!

It was easily the shaggiest day of my life and the most strenuous activity i had done in the past six months. By the time i was done, i had sweated i could say like 100% of my body fluids!! And my tongue almost touched my toes.

By the time we reached home, it was about 9pm, luckily i was on leave the whole week, couldn't have imagined dragging myself to work the next day. =)

Random shots

Singapore flyer lookalike?

Wah long kang so big!

Water wheel

Stone shoes?

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